On march 2017

Need More Exercise Build a Swimming Pool

Don’t pay for the gym pool anymore. Build your own!

Just mention a backyard swimming pool and instantly your left and right brain start firing images. If you really start thinking about those pictures flashing through your mind about having a swimming pool, you may come up with:

Right Brain:

  • Adds beauty and excitement to an otherwise ordinary back yard.
  • Viewing water in any form promotes a calm and serene feeling.
  • Instant enjoyment for the entire family.
  • An outdoor entertainment venue for guests and family.

Left Brain:

  • Increases the value of your property.
  • Eliminates driving to the community pool.
  • No more paying dues to private spas.
  • The entire family will learn how to swim.

Only rarely does one other positive image pop into either the right or left brain—a pool is like adding an exercise room without putting expensive equipment in one of your  spare rooms! Yes, a backyard pool is like having a workout center within your reach without going to a club or gym.

Instant access is one of the very best reasons why a pool can be an effective physical exercise center for the entire family. Along with the refreshing and calming nature of being immersed in water, it provides all the muscle resistance you can want for an effective workout. And whether you’re young or old, strong or weak—it doesn’t matter. In fact, aquatic exercises are frequently recommended for those with injuries.

Kids take to water play not even thinking about the fact that they are exercising! (Shhhh….don’t tell them!) Adults that purposely use a pool as their exercise of choice realize they can customize their workout to their needs—and enjoy the effort.

With all the evidence from the medical profession regarding the value of exercise in everyone’s life, shouldn’t it be an automatic prescription? Contact Sunset Pools & Spas at 800-717-8673 to talk to your “exercise & fitness” expert on how you can gain all the advantages of having your own affordable workout pool!

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