On march 2017

Remodeling Commercial Setting Pools

Pool remodeling is not just for homes and residential properties—commercial and public settings and their pools need a little TLC every once in a while, too!  Sunset Pools and Spas specializes in building custom pools and remodeling existing pools for both homes and commercial settings.

Many prospective customers judge a hotel by its pool area, and for good reason– A well-kept, beautiful pool literally reflects the quality of a hotel!  Think about low-end motels and their pool amenities—dull and lacking, right?  Set your hotel apart from others and transform your pool area into a paradise for your patrons. Is the condition of your hotel’s pool incongruent with the hotel’s overall 4-star status? Sunset Pools and Spas can help hotels make over their pools so they can look and feel glamorous enough for the ritziest of patrons.

Don’t forget about apartment and condo complex pools, either!  It’s important to keep your patrons happy, and what better way than to upkeep your facilities and maintain it in its best shape?  Sunset Pools and Spas can help you achieve pool and spa perfection—we can help you redesign your pool to create a beautiful oasis to where your patrons can retreat from their hectic lifestyles.  Your tenants will thank you!

From complete pool renovation to simple remodeling by adding light fixtures or decorative tile accents, Sunset Pools and Spas can help elevate your pool to the next level.  If your commercial setting pool needs an update, contact Sunset Pools and Spas today by calling (800) 717-8673 or visiting our website at

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