On march 2017

Add a Twist to Your Pool With Mosaic Tiles

Enhance the finish of your pool by adding in a unique accent to the pool’s floor.  With custom mosaic tiles, you can now turn your drab pool floor into a lively seascape!  Choose from an array of fun and vibrant sea animals, from calming sea turtles to playful dolphins, to add a unique energy to your pool.  Add in a coral reef forest and a family of starfish, and you’ll have your own entire ocean aquarium right in your backyard. Mosaic tiles are the ultimate way to customize your pool and give it a fun embellishment to make it stand out.

Mosaic tiles for pools come in both custom shapes and piece-by-piece options.  These mosaic tiles are crafted from the finest ceramic and porcelain to create stunning designs that are not only durable but also budget-friendly.  Mosaic tiles are also guaranteed frost-proof to last you the entire lifetime of your pool.

Interested in changing up your pool?  Whether you want to install custom mosaic tiles or add in new light fixtures, Sunset Pools and Spas is more than happy to assist you with different options to help you revamp your backyard oasis. Contact Sunset Pools and Spas today by calling 800-717-8673, or contact us through our website.


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