Many homeowners are concerned about how the construction process of building a pool will affect their homes, their families and their lives. To ease the mind of our clients, we’ve provided below a step-by-step outline to help clients understand what to expect during their pool construction:

1. Pre-Construction

We begin each pool project with personalized design assistance, followed by a pre-excavation meeting for approval of layout in backyard. Permits from the appropriate local city or county offices will be obtained and posted in a waterproof container.

2. Excavation

Excavation begins with experienced drivers arriving on a rubber-tired loader, designed to help minimize damage to concrete drives, walkways, landscaping and lawns during excavation. During excavation, a project manager will be present to set the elevation of the pool, a crucial and necessary step that will allow for a pool’s proper drainage. All interior areas of the pool are hand trimmed by experienced professionals. Before this stage is completed, Sunset Pools will insure that all floors and walls are trimmed per the design and proper compaction has been achieved.